After being in the business for three years, a mom and pop dog daycare business is struggling to manage an influx of customers. To improve customer service, they want to streamline dog boarding appointment scheduling, communicate their service offerings clearly to new and existing customers and re-brand their business.

The Design Challenge

The client’s needs in descending order of importance are:

  1. Allow customers to schedule appointments for dog boarding, day care and home visits online.
  2. Create a memorable brand.
  3. Communicate service offerings to new and existing customers.
  4. Prompt new customers to schedule a Meet and Greets before their first appointment.


After analyzing competitors’ sites and informally interviewing their customers, the client and I decided to make a website for Barks & Rec with a unique brand mark, appointment scheduling and information about their business.


While they don’t have the facilities to board more than six dogs at one time, Barks & Rec is at the intersection of an affordably priced and boutique pet service. As a result we settled on a brand that conveyed friendly, cute and pet-centric.

alt text alt text


The customers of Barks & Rec have different levels of technological literacy, so we wanted to make the scheduling feature of the app simple and immediately accessible.

alt text